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Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

New Mind Fit Divisions Announced – specialists wanted!!


• Are you that specialist?

• Want to run your own business – but with our knowledge and support?

• No financial investment required.

We’re looking for sector specialists that can use their knowledge and connections to work with us to expand the Mind Fit brand in their own, unique and niche sector.

Unique opportunity to earn an equity/shareholding in a business focused on your specialist arena. Be part of a growing business and team looking at a global market. You’ll be working with us to promote a proven solution that helps people change their lives, adapt to their changing environment and perform at their best.

“Mind Fitness is choosing to use our natural abilities to perform to our optimum in different situations, through ‘can do’ attitudes and behaviours, and a winning mind.”
For the people we reach together – what employer wouldn’t hire someone who is:
• able to think flexibly and appropriately
• emotionally competent and resilient
• driven with a real sense of purpose
• able to connect meaningfully with others

Mind Fit people make great employees, partners, friends and leaders.

Forces resettlement division – powered by Mind Fit

For ex-forces personnel looking to resettle that means you’ll be helping to prepare your colleagues to get the best job they can on civvy street. You’ll also give them the opportunity to be part of a growing army of Mind Fit people that will be improving their life and help build better communities at home. You can also help them start their own business through partnerships of the Mind Fit Group.

Student employability division – powered by Mind Fit

For students looking to develop the skills that all businesses want. You’ll be giving them a unique opportunity to develop ‘can do’ attitudes and a winning mind – skills that will be a game changer for any student and give them the edge in the challenging employment game. You’ll be helping them get the best job they can and build a career that they control. You can also help them start their own business through partnerships of the Mind Fit Group.

Mind Fit is endorsed and accredited by The Institute of Leadership and Management

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